In a remote village, people often face harassment, killings and robberies by a notorious robber gang named “Fierce Lions”. After his mountain hike, the martial artist master, Sean, finds his village ruined and burned down while his wife is killed, leaving behind his son and daughter. Later, the survivors go on to build another village, learning Boxkator from that master, especially young villagers. Years later, his son grows up and falls for the daughter of a generous tycoon in his village. Yet, once again, the Fierce Lions come back to rob his (new) village. This time, the villagers commanding Boxkator, join hands to protect their village and to reveal the true identity of that gang leader.

Genre:                            Action - Drama

Rating:                           G

Casts:                             SAN Kimsean, SAN Angkor Reachavorn,

                                        TEUNG Sovann Lina

Director:                          SAN Kimsean - SONG Sopheakdey

Writer:                            SAN Kimsean

Producer:                      TED Ngoy

Production:                   Dechak Film Production

Runtime:                        76 minutes

Production Country:   Cambodia

Released:                      TBC

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Pich and Linda are friends for years. Because Pich acts like a girl, Linda's mother  trusts him and lets him ride her home from school. Later, Linda gets pregnant and they know Pich is a father. Pich's parents and Linda's mother cut ties with them and chase them out of the houses. Pich and Linda lead a struggling life to earn money simply for a safe labour for their newborn.

Genre:                             Romance - Drama

Rating:                            G

Casts:                              Ang Socheata, Siv Sovannareach

Director:                          Kou Darachan

Writer:                            Soung Brosbrathna

Producer:                       Kheng Pytoukethya

Production:                   The Selapak Film Industry - Sastra Films

Runtime:                        96 minutes

Production Country:   Cambodia

Released:                      2020