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DancingRains is about life. It always faces ups and downs or rains or sunshine. Yet, if we can even dance in the rains, no obstacles would stop us from achieving our great works (hopefully, with you)!

DancingRains has been set up to focus on a wide range of film services such as feature films, TV/web series and customized videos. The three co-founders have been recognized locally and internationally. Sithen SUM has been involved in short film production since 2009 and Chaktomuk Short Film Festival and graduated from Busan Asian Film School (AFiS) in late 2018. Rithea PHICHITH followed suit in 2010 while mostly sought after for international projects like "First They Killed My Father". Sophorn KEAM kept a strong record of sales operations in Platinum Cineplex (now known as Major Cineplex – Sorya) from 2012 to 2016.

Both Rithea and Sithen have both worked on several film projects, including ground-breaking omnibus series, “Pram Ang”, featuring the most viral music video of “Veasna” short film. Another educational video also touched our Cambodian online audience was “Mother’s Blood”, starred by DJ Nana. Again, they are working on family social melodrama: "Precious Pond" (formerly known as "The Healing Field"). It was developed through AFiS's course and selected to pitch in Link of CineAsia last October. Rithea is producing "Soul Searching", an unprecedented horror-comedy winning the top prize from Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival, in 2018.

Understanding the ongoing needs of a local qualified production team, yet with international standards, "DancingRains" will introduce its new benchmarks to both local and regional markets, with upcoming exciting projects. Other co-productions include: "Late Night Coconuts" with a co-screenwriter of Cambodian action blockbusters "Jailbreak" and "The Prey" and "Egg of Love", with a Cambodian leading production.